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This page brings you the latest updates from our Benefit Partners, as well as exclusive 'Commercial Interiors UK Guide to...' series, covering the topics of top social media platforms and many more key areas
The length of videos has been and always will be a hot topic. We tend to have shorter attention spans in recent times due to technology and resourcing being at our fingertips and this directly affects how your video will perform.
t wasn’t a particularly smooth exit to the year for markets; the Pound peaked and troughed on Brexit optimism and disappointment, interest rate hikes came in the UK and US and still markets were unsatiated...
A well produced video can set your brand and products apart from the competition. It is the perfect medium for showcasing your company, team, customers and products. Over the years we have been helping companies use video effectively within their business...
Dementia is one of the most debilitating conditions in the UK today, affecting over 850,000 people. And with the UK’s ageing population these numbers are expected to increase, reaching 1 million by 2025.
How much progress has the UK made since voting to leave the EU? What will be the next topic in negotiations? Will the UK experience a hard or a soft Brexit?
The BCFA networking events are firmly established as prestigious and enjoyable opportunities for BCFA members and their clients to meet in both formal and informal settings in popular locations across the UK.
The third edition of the “What Workers Want” survey, a joint publication from the British Council for Offices (BCO) and Savills, found that neglecting office design can have a negative effect on employer’s well-being and performance.
We put together a guide with some top tips to help you construct the perfect press release, whether is be for your latest product or a latest project...
Last week, stories of ‘exploding’ glass topped tables hit the tabloids. The coverage obviously caused consternation for consumers owning or considering buying such items.
While some employers may provide bereavement leave as part of their company policy, the law currently only offers the right to take the time necessary to deal with the emergency and plan the funeral arrangements.