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Who Can Join & Accreditation

Membership is available to companies that meet the strict membership criteria. Manufacturers and suppliers of contract furnishing products and services are welcome to apply for membership which will be evaluated by the board and council. Membership is not automatic but when achieved is recognition of a company’s professional status.

In a competitive market it is often difficult for customers to differentiate one company from another. Membership of Commercial Interiors UK is increasingly seen by many as a necessity and a valuable asset. Whilst there are some associations who are happy to accept all applications this is certainly not the case with the Commercial Interiors UK. All membership applications must be approved by the Commercial Interiors UK Board but before the Board even consider an application there are some fundamental requirements that we look at before making recommendations to the Board.

All potential new members must:

  • Already be significantly engaged in contract furnishing design, manufacturing or supply.
  • Whilst Commerical Interiors UK members do not have to be a British Manufacturer (many are) they are required to add value through service, design and expertise.
  • Have been operating in the UK for a minimum of two years.
  • Be accredited with all the relevant manufacturing standards for their products.
  • Have passed a credit check, be profitable and have no adverse credit records such as outstanding CCJs.
  • Have no record of legal disputes regarding design right infringements with other manufacturers or designers.
  • Provide evidence that their business practices match the Commercial Interiors UK Code of Practice.
  • Have received no adverse comments on their business practice from the Commercial Interiors UK Board, Commercial Interiors UK Council and a panel of sector representatives from within the membership.

Whilst there are potentially hundreds of companies that we could target for membership, many would not pass even these initial checks.

On joining Commercial Interiors UK all new members must sign the Commercial Interiors UK Code of Practice that ensures an ongoing commitment to meeting the Association’s standard of professionalism and providing the market with the highest standards of service and business practice. Failure to comply with the Code can ultimately result in a membership not being renewed by Commercial Interiors UK. 

We have in the past perhaps understated our accreditation process, but this has changed, and we are now being much more vocal about it both in our marketing and in our personal contacts as part of our campaign to show architects, designers and end users that Commercial Interiors UK members represent the best in contract manufacturing and supply.

Commercial Interiors UK Associate Membership

Commerical Interiors UK is keen to extend its membership to help support and develop smaller or relatively new, design led British businesses that are active in the contract furnishing sector.

We believe that Commerical Interiors UK Associate Membership will provide an affordable way for many newer companies to take advantage of the benefits of being part of the leading contract furnishing association in the UK.

Find out more about becoming an Associate Member here.