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Commercial Interiors UK and Sustainable Manufacturing

Commercial Interiors UK members are well ahead on the road to developing their sustainable manufacturing practices. Sustainable manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts whilst conserving energy and natural resources. This is part of the 'Triple Bottom Line' of sustainable business, reflecting social, environmental, and financial values.

Commercial Interiors UK supports and encourages its members to follow a code of best practice to effectively manage all their activities in this area. The objective is to manage, measure and control, preserve and reduce, learn, and communicate.

Commercial Interiors UK members have a sustainability network that holds two forums a year to meet and exchange experiences and ideas and to hear from sustainability experts:  ARTICLE HERE

Commercial Interiors UK sits on the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP) Steering Group and encourages all its members to work towards assessment against the FISP principles. See:

Planet Mark are sustainability partners of Commercial Interiors UK and help organisations measure and reduce their carbon emissions and enhance their contributions to society. To find out more about Planet Mark and the partnership, click here. Commercial Interiors UK members can benefit from a 10% discount to Planet Mark certification. 

Design Insider is CIUK’s publishing partner and actively champions ‘best practice’ relating to sustainability throughout the sector: 

Commercial Interiors UK Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Events

Commercial Interiors UK Members' with Sustainability Standards