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Who We Are

Commercial Interiors UK is the UK's business association for the contract furnishing industry, covering the full spectrum of interior products and services in the UK and globally. We are the only association representing commercial interiors as a whole and collectively our 200+ members represent an unrivalled association of businesses and leaders who champion the best of UK interior and product design, and sustainable manufacturing.

As a trade association, our purpose is to lead, inspire and support the growth and global success of the UK’s commercial interiors community, creating a sustainable future for our sector. Our vision is to create a world with the most inspiring and productive commercial spaces, designed and furnished with exceptional UK products.

Accreditation for membership requires businesses to prove they operate ethically and sustainably in the UK. In return, Commercial Interiors UK supports the growth and global success of the UK’s commercial interiors community through knowledge sharing, connecting, influencing, and creating business opportunities. It enables its members to maximize their business potential by promoting the talents of our amazing sector and inspiring the next generation of designers and manufacturers.

This approach isn’t for everyone but if a company is a Commercial Interiors UK member you can be assured that it has been accredited by the association and operates with professional integrity and trades by its reputation.

You can find a full list of our members here

The Commercial Interiors UK Code of Practice Aims and Objectives

• To ensure all stakeholders have total confidence in the ability of members to operate within the required standards of the Association.

• To ensure that clients receive the best practicable service from members having regard to the nature and price of the goods or services supplied.

• To encourage the promotion and observance of good, ethical and sustainable business practice amongst members.

• To maintain and enhance the reputation, standing and good name of the Association and its membership.

• To encourage collaboration, initiative and enterprise within the Association.

• To ensure that members are familiar with the Association’s objectives and standards.

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