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Design Insider recognises the expertise of Commercial Interior Designers and Suppliers, supporting your work by publishing the latest knowledge, products, projects, news and events from within the commercial furnishing sector.

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Design Insider caters to a dedicated audience of commercial interior designers, architects, and suppliers, prioritizing knowledge-sharing and showcasing the innovators shaping the sector. As an integral part of your marketing strategy, our platform offers professionals access to knowledge-based content. Exclusive features are available to Commercial Interiors UK (CIUK) members and commercial interior designers, while non-CIUK member suppliers can inquire about tailored advertorial packages for maximum impact.

In 2024, we are unveiling four quarterly content campaigns, each designed to bring you a diverse array of articles, reports, and insightful conversations delving deep into specific topics. Within each campaign, we’ll explore the subject matter comprehensively.

Sensory Design

1st January to 31st March.

Open for content submission from 14th December – content deadline 15th March.

Content centred around sensory design offers an opportunity to delve into your unique approach as a designer or supplier and explore the ways you’ve seamlessly integrated sensory elements into your projects or products. Additionally, consider spotlighting the pivotal role sensory design plays in fostering accessibility or inclusion for neurodiverse individuals. This content could explore the impact of sensory design in workplaces, hospitality spaces, and care settings.

Next Generation

1st April to 30th June.

Open for content submission from 15th March – content deadline 14th June.

We’re excited to champion the next generation, taking a closer look at their needs and the challenges they face. This content could feature interviews with the freshest additions to your team or spotlight projects which address the requirements of the next generation. The campaign could showcase products tailored for the next wave of employees, hotel guests, or cruise ship enthusiasts. Seize this opportunity to share your expertise, whether you’re a designer, manufacturer, or team member.


1st July to 30th September.

Open for content submission from 14th June – content deadline 13th September.

Interested in discussing and sharing your colour expertise with us? This content campaign could spotlight your commercial project or product where colour takes centre stage, delving into the crucial role it plays in the spaces or products you design. This campaign could explore the use of colour for inclusivity, particularly in the care sector but also in hotels, workplaces, education settings. This content could also celebrate colour trends and colour forecasting.


1st October to 31st December.

Open for content submission from 13th September – content deadline 13th December.

Our care campaign could explore the design of care settings and products tailored for the care sector. Beyond that, we could examine the ways in which employees and guests are cared for within the hospitality, cruise, and workplace sectors, while also addressing the unique considerations for student wellbeing in their working and living environments. Moreover, it’s important to incorporate content on caring for our planet, emphasising the responsibility of designers and manufacturers in sustainable best practice and innovation.

Annual Campaign - AI

1st January 2024 to 31st December 2024, content can be submitted at any time.

Design Insider is embarking on an annual campaign focused on the dynamic intersection of AI and design, recognising the myriad opportunities and challenges it presents for both designers and manufacturers.

From its role as a design tool to its impact on business administration and marketing, we aim to comprehensively explore the multifaceted applications of AI. Furthermore, Design Insider is committed to addressing the challenges AI brings and establishing best practices in the field.

Throughout 2024, we are building a platform for the exploration of AI, whether you love it or loathe it, we invite you to be a part of this conversation!

Here are four core ways to participate in this content:

1. Interview: Share Your Insights!

Engage with us in a one-on-one interview to discuss your perspectives, experiences, and insights on AI in the commercial design and manufacturing sector.

2. Demonstration: Showcase Your AI Applications!

Provide a demonstration to showcase how your organization is leveraging AI in innovative ways, offering a first-hand look at the practical applications within the industry.

3. Discussion: Join Design Insider Talks Events and Round Tables!

Participate in our in-person and online Design Insider Talks events and round tables, where industry leaders come together to discuss and dissect the evolving role of AI in commercial design.

4. Challenge: Pose Your Questions!

Share the questions you seek answers to, and let us connect with our audience to gather insights and perspectives, turning your challenges into valuable discussions within the community.

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