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About Commercial Interiors UK Membership

Commercial Interiors UK members are manufacturers and suppliers of products such as furniture, art, bathroom fittings, beds, carpets and curtains, fabrics, flooring, lighting, wall coverings & finishes. Our members operate in the commercial market sectors including Hospitality, Workplace, Cruise, Education and Healthcare. Our 200+ members contribute over £2 billion in sales yearly and generate over 17,000 jobs in the UK.

Whilst Commercial Interiors UK members do not have to be a UK based manufacturer (although many are) they are required to add value in the UK through service, design and expertise. To join the Commercial Interiors UK, prospective members undergo an obligatory accreditation process to ensure they reach the highest standards of manufacturing, compliance with design rights, excellent customer service, financial stability and sustainable manufacturing.

Every member gains value from their membership in different ways and these values include: 

  • Making connections with other members and peers, and with new prospective clients.   
  • Obtaining new business leads, promotion and marketing of their products.
  • Gaining new experiences – educational, cultural, and shared experience and knowledge.
  • Creating collective leadership, to experience & share and resolve challenges together.
  • Differentiation by being recognised by potential clients as a member of an association with strict membership criteria.
  • Leading and resolving sector wide issues by representing the whole commercial interiors community, not just members.
  • Engaging with a wider demographic and reaching a younger audience through our events, exhibitions and Design Insider.
  • Developing sustainainable manufacturing and rising to the collective challenge of Net Zero through guidance, education and collaboration.
  • Obtaining best practice insights & exclusive market knowledge through our Market Focus reports.