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Employment Law

The Peninsula employment law tool is an A-Z guide to employment law information. You can search for a topic area using the A-Z buttons at the top. The tool contains useful information such as:

Advice on key employment law issues relevant acts and regulations tips on how to manage certain employment law issues. 

Peninsula Business Services are the leading provider of employment law and health and safety services in the UK. All Commercial Interiors UK members benefit from free access to Peninsula’s employment law helpdesk via telephone or email (Further details available HERE).

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Expert Guides Employment law

You can’t force employees to take annual leave, but a little encouragement can help…
Social media is an area where employers can jump straight to dismissal once they’ve been informed that an offensive remark has been published online.
There are five potentially fair reasons for dismissal recognised in employment law; conduct, capability, redundancy, statutory ban and some other substantial reason.
Half way through the year and not much sign of summer so far. Many of us will be hoping that it comes soon, preferably on the days we choose to be on holiday.
Did you know that if you have a disabled employee and they take sickness absence, you have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to facilitate their return to the workplace?
In an ideal world, everyone would get along at all times – but let’s face it, the world is far from ideal! When it comes to the workplace, people of all types and characters are put into close proximity, so it would be unrealistic to expect everyone to friends.
You’ve probably seen the recent news story where a receptionist was sent home for refusing to wear heels to work – but was it reasonable, and was it lawful for her employer to do this? We take a look at workplace discrimination based on physical appearance to help you avoid making a costly mistake for your business…
As we move closer to the summer season, you may notice that holiday requests from employees are starting to rise – and you’re also likely to receive a number of annual leave requests for the same period of time.
Leave is an often misunderstood subject for employers, but one of the most common mistakes is confusing taking time off for dependents with emergency leave.