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Export Strategy launched by UK Department of International Trade


The Export Strategy is the first step in a renewed national focus on improving the UK’s export performance. The challenge set is raising UK exports as a share of GDP from 30% to 35%. The Strategy sets out how the government will support businesses of all sizes to make the most of the opportunities presented by markets around the world.

Critical to the delivery of the Export Strategy is the effective joining-up of government actions – not just across departments but also with trade associations and other export support providers.

The strategy builds on the previously announced Industrial Strategy, coherently linking UK government support both domestically and internationally, to ensure that businesses will encounter no wrong door in asking government for export support.

The Export strategy is based on four key points:

Firstly: Encourage

  • Encouraging and inspire more companies to export
  • Development of a national network of UK Export Champions
  • Developing an online community so that companies can have interaction about exporting in a much more time efficient way
  • Continue to use the PM’s Trade Envoys, to open-up markets and to continue offering focused trade missions.

Secondly: Informing

  • To help businesses who do not have the expertise to export to gain appropriate knowledge
  • Provide support from DIT International Trade Advisers and use the website – as a one-stop-shop for digital advice for companies entering overseas markets
  • To harness the extensive support that is available from other sources – find ways to better signpost.

Thirdly: Connect

  • Helping companies connect with potential customers
  • Help support consortia of UK firms to bid on foreign contracts
  • Work with other government departments to organise supplier fairs, where foreign buyers can bring specific opportunities directly to UK businesses
  • More effective use of the huge overseas network in 108 countries worldwide – to understand where opportunities are and connect back better with the DIT team to make sure companies are aware of them
  • Set up of a new digital service to help companies report trade barriers
  • Support from the new network of the nine new Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioners based worldwide to help with these plans.

Fourth: Finance

  • Build awareness of UK Export Finance – the world’s oldest export credit agency –so no viable project will fail due to lack of finance or insurance.
  • Trade Show Access Funding Programme – it is encouraging that the Strategy acknowledges the success of the TAP programme and is looking to build on this success. As a UK Department of International Trade Challenge Partner, the BCFA will continue to administer Tradeshow Access Funding Programme funding for eligible UK companies at selected Design and Interiors Events worldwide.

BCFA is also working closely with government to ensure that our industry is kept informed of opportunities that might arise as a result of this strategy and is well represented in any future discussions. 

For the detailed Export Strategy visit: