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3D Printing for Advanced Bathroom Fittings

This CPD introduces 3D printing in general terms – what it is, different techniques and materials used, areas of application, manufacturing and environmental impacts. In particular, it explores the application in the bathroom fittings sector by looking at metal 3D printing specifically, covering powder formulation, printing process and examples.

It also discusses selection considerations for 3D printed bathroom fittings. By the end of the seminar you should have a greater understanding of:

  • How 3D printing technology has influenced manufacturing processes in many sectors
  • How metal 3D printing has entered the advanced bathroom fittings sector and opened up design possibilities and environmental benefits
  • Product selection, including touchless technology, water saving and safety features, quality assurance and project planning support
  • The impact on sustainability
Type: Online Learning
Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour 
Cost: Free
Regions Covered: This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely