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Carpet/Carpet Tiles Fire Regulation

In the next of our series looking at the regulations and requirements across each discipline, we look at what a designer needs to know when specifying Carpet/Carpet Tiles, with the assistance of Ege Carpets.

1. What should a designer know about the difference between domestic and contract specifications?

Any carpet specification needs to meet the needs of and perform in the environment its intended. Contract specifications need to be as per EN1307 and fire regulations with the space i.e commercial products have a higher specification and as they can effect larger numbers of people. Products with FRFs should be sourced wherever possible.   

2. What should the designer consider in relation to durability, fit for purpose?

Thinking of how the end user will use the space is always ideal, castor chairs, heavy volume traffic, public areas, quiet areas will all require specific thought in terms of design, colour, fire ratings,  acoustics, warranty periods, cleaning and maintenance, long term appearance, long term product availability etc. Every carpet produced will have a EN rating for all the above and a clear guideline of what is required for each area.

3. Are there differences between UK, EU or USA requirements?

In the UK we have adopted the more stringent EU tests but as a rule the criteria is the same internationally with little variation.

4. When communicating with a supplier what should designers be asking?

Designers should request certifications and test results for any claims made as well as industry accreditations, support in the process and assurances that it is a proven solution and where possible 3rd party references. Where possible products with FRFs as standard should be sourced.

5. Which requirements are best practice, and which are a legal requirement?

Usually instillations are best practices governed by industry standards, judgements on experience and what has worked previously is also a consideration. Legal requirements are anything contractual, copywriter or legislative like not using harmful components in productions or copying someone else’s design.