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UK Companies Thrive at INDEX Dubai with Support from Commercial Interiors UK

Commercial Interiors UK had the privilege of leading a successful trade mission to INDEX Dubai from 4th to 6th June 2024, bringing together seven UK companies to showcase their innovative products. Our UK Business Lounge at Stand 4F161 provided an invaluable platform for these companies to connect with potential clients, explore new market opportunities, and build lasting relationships.

Here’s what our exhibitors had to say about how Commercial Interiors UK has helped them enter and develop the Middle Eastern export market:

Craven Dunnill Jackfield: Accessing New Opportunities

“Participating as part of the UK pavilion has allowed us to access the market at an affordable entry level and it takes away some of the risk. It also allows us to investigate the sector and often the spontaneous connections really generate new opportunities! So, unless you are here you can’t make those connections. It’s really important to get out here, meet those people and make those connections.” - Nic Atherton, Business Development Manager, Craven Dunnill Jackfield

One-LUX Ltd: Invaluable Support and Knowledge Sharing

“It’s invaluable to us, we wouldn’t be here without the support that you offered to us. Perhaps what was something I didn’t expect was being with the other companies on the stand was very valuable, the knowledge that you share across the board with each other. It was imperative that we had this opportunity which we would never have been able to create without the support that you’ve given us” - Kevin James, Director, One-LUX Ltd

“When you are exhibiting for the first time you don’t want to put a lot of cost towards it and you are not so sure about the market, so this let us come and exhibit with less risk. The communication with the other companies was so helpful and the choice of the company ranges was so nice because everyone was in a different field so you can help each other, communicate and have customers that relate to each other” - Marwa Ismail, Head of Export, One-LUX Ltd

Broad Power Solutions: A Crucial Step Forward

“We wouldn’t be doing this today without them, it has been a massive help and a big leg up” - Dave Broad, Managing Director, Broad Power Solutions

Burgess Furniture: Expanding Markets and Networks

“Burgess Furniture has been a long-term member of Commercial Interiors UK and it has played a key role for us to expand our markets in regions. The great part is that there has been a lot of events that they do in these regions and being part of them helps us attend multiple events in multiple countries so that way we are able to cover a lot more ground, meet a lot more people and show our products to these markets. Commercial Interiors UK is important for Burgess and we look forward to working with them in the future” -  Baiju Jamaludin, Head Of Sales Middle East & India, Burgess Furniture

Mistry Designs: First Steps into the Market

“Very helpful in terms of the logistics such as getting here, because I didn’t know you don’t need a visa so that was like the first thing. Apart from that this has been the first step in getting my company out there, you can also always reach out to Commercial Interiors UK and they are very helpful” – Shweta Mistry, Founder and Director, Mistry Designs

A Mission for the Future

The success of our mission to INDEX Dubai highlights the importance of our ongoing efforts to support UK companies in exploring and developing international markets. The feedback from our exhibitors shows the critical role Commercial Interiors UK plays in facilitating entry into new markets, reducing risks, and fostering valuable connections.

We are excited to continue our commitment to helping UK businesses grow globally. Our next mission is to INDEX Saudi Arabia, taking place in Riyadh from 17th to 19th September 2024. If you’re interested in participating or learning more about how we can support your international expansion efforts, please get in touch with and join us in driving UK excellence forward.