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Official Launch of The Carpet Council

The Carpet Council are pleased to announce the launch of their web site ( This has been created primarily to promote carpet education and correct specification within the hospitality, cruise, and high-end residential market sectors.

The concept of this platform was the idea of co-founders Hannah Rogers and Jonathan Young, who collectively have over 60 years experience working across various sectors within the carpet industry. The skills and knowledge they have developed has enabled them to create a site that will help interior designers understand the sometimes old and complex terminology that exists within the carpet trade.

This resource tool covers a comprehensive list of topics including manufacturing techniques, yarn types, design, copyright, and a glossary of terms, and will continue to be a work in progress and regularly updated. Future pages will include installation, certification, specification, and sustainability. The information is being compiled in collaboration with various companies within the industry, who receive credit on the web site.

“Assisting designers to specify carpet and rugs that is Fit for Purpose is one of the main aims of The Carpet Council, and having talked about the concept for years the lockdown enabled Hannah and I to bring this to fruition” stated Jonathan Young.

Both Hannah and Jonathan are also board members of the UK chapter of NEWH, which is a global hospitality organisation that focuses on raising scholarship money for students through the interior furnishings industry. Jonathan was also Chairman of Commercial Interiors UK from 2011-2014, and served on the Board of the industry organisation from 2004 until 2019.

Please contact The Carpet Council at for any enquiries.