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Peninsula: Brexit- What will happen to those who employ EU workers?

Will red tape and legislation be simpler? In this expert briefing we consider the impact on employment and health & safety law and offer advice to those businesses which currently employ EU workers.

The most significant effects on the UK workforce are likely to be in terms of jobs won or lost. It is estimated that around two million EU Nationals work in the UK. Indeed, we are already receiving calls from industries where they have a high percentage of EU and EEA workers, such as the agriculture, care and service sectors.

The UK Government will now be able to control borders with a view to reducing immigration. However, work arrangements will have to be renegotiated with the EU and its Member States although it is doubtful if the new arrangements would simply replicate the present freedom of movement. If policies restrict the UK labour supply or the services provided by that labour, it will present problems to a considerable number of employers. UK employers will need to consider what their future workforce will look like if work arrangements significantly reduce the number of workers available to them.

Download this free guide and get answers to the following questions:
• Will UK employment law be simpler?
• What will happen to existing EU laws?
• The impact on courts and case law
• What might Brexit mean for H&S?
• What safety changes could we see?
• What should I be doing now?

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