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Who We Are

The BCFA is the British business association for the contract furnishing industry, covering the full spectrum of interior products and services in the UK and globally. The 250+ members are accredited by the association and are leading manufacturers, suppliers and designers of furnishing services for commercial buildings throughout the UK and in world markets.

Members of the BCFA create effective spaces and settings for their clients, providing design integrity, function, quality and value. They create the opportunity for clients to buy with confidence and experience complete satisfaction.

A company can only become a member of the BCFA when it satisfies the association’s standard of professionalism and makes a commitment to provide the market with the highest standards of service.

The association supports an atmosphere of enterprise and fair competition where members operate ethically, encourage excellence and strive for improved standards in their businesses.

The BCFA Code of Practice Aims and Objectives

• To ensure all stakeholders have total confidence in the ability of members to operate within the required standards of the Association.

• To ensure that clients receive the best practicable service from Members having regard to the nature and price of the goods or services supplied.

• To encourage the promotion and observance of good, ethical business practice among Members.

• To maintain and enhance the reputation, standing and good name of the Association and its membership.

• To encourage collaboration, initiative and enterprise within the Association.

• To ensure that Members are familiar with the Association’s objectives and standards.

See Full Code of Practice


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